Can I ask you something?

„Can I ask you something?“
Go ahead.
„Are you busy?“
Go ahead, ask me your question.
„Maybe this should be a ticket.“
Go ahead and ask me and I will let you know.
„Ok, quick question.“
Go ahead.
„I just wanted to know something about my computer.“
Go ahead.
„My mouse is broken, do you have any ideas.“


Adaptec StorMan MaxView Storage Manager unter 14.04

short, weil es natürlich nicht in der Doku steht

aptitude install libpam-cracklib 
tar xfz msm_linux_x64_v1_05_20942.tgz 
cd manager/
dpkg -i StorMan-1.05-20942_amd64.deb

ganz mieß natürlich das das gute stück noch nen tomcat mit allem drum un dran mit bringt UND die $PATH Var überschreibt und fröhlich kaputte ssl libs anhängt.

cat /etc/profile.d/ 
# export StorMan=/usr/StorMan
# if ! echo ${LD_LIBRARY_PATH} | /bin/grep -q /usr/StorMan:/usr/StorMan/ssl/lib:/usr/StorMan/pegasus/lib; then
# export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/StorMan:/usr/StorMan/ssl/lib:/usr/StorMan/pegasus/lib:${LD_LIBRARY_PATH}
# fi
# if ! echo ${PATH} | /bin/grep -q /usr/StorMan/pegasus/bin:/usr/StorMan/ssl/bin; then
# export PATH=/usr/StorMan/pegasus/bin:/usr/StorMan/ssl/bin:${PATH}
# fi
# export OPENSSL_HOME=/usr/StorMan/ssl
# export OPENSSL_BIN=/usr/StorMan/ssl/bin
# export PEGASUS_HOME=/usr/StorMan/pegasus
# export PEGASUS_ROOT=/usr/StorMan/pegasus